Author: Jerry Spinelli
Copyright 2002 Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 978-0439444439
Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction

As an unconventional teenager, Stargirl Caraway enters a high school in which students struggle to accept differences.  During her first days of school, the students there speculate how Stargirl came to be – a home school disaster or an alien from outer space.  But Stargirl is not swayed by the gossip and continues to be her own person in a sea of characters who only conform.  Leo falls in love with Stargirl and her ability to be different.  However, after the high schoolers push Stargirl to the peak of her popularity and begin to deride her penchant for quirkiness, Leo is forced to decide: does he want to be in love with Stargirl or does he simply want to be liked?  This story offers young readers a fresh perspective on popularity, bullying, and the ability to be unique even when you are being pushed to conform.  It is a must-read for high school students.


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